Radio LFS

Introduction ! Amélie et Anaëlle vous présentent notre première émission, consacrée à Halloween!

“The Boogyman team” (Gabriel, Camille, Leonard and Beyune) reads for you this spooky story. Sound effects by Grace.

Le débat du jour: “Pour ou contre les bonbons à Halloween?”. Face à face animé entre Eva et Nolan, avec Yseut dans le rôle de l’animatrice.

Our program number 2 is ready!

Listen to the whole program here:

Alice and Camille’s take on Christmas in Korea and in France:

Adria interviewed Colette, a student in CM1 and a dancer. In December, she was the Nutcracker in Tchaïkovski ‘s famous ballet. The interview is presented to you by Augustin.

Have you watched Frozen 2? Seogyeong and Yuna did! Here’s their take on it.

Do you want to discover the best songs of 2019? Listen to Leonard and Prosper’s top 5 (* based on iTunes’ North American charts).

Radio LFS, c’est parti!
From September, the students registered at the AES Webradio have been working on their very first show. From finding ideas to writing script, from reading at the mic to editing on the computer and even composing the jingles on music instruments, our 10 students from CM1 and CM2 have done it all by themselves! Good job!

Nadia Minji, Minjae, Haen, Nahjoon and Donghee did interviews in French and English on Korea and Korean culture, as part of the “Hangeul Day” project.

# Junhyun présente “le Football en Corée” en coréen et en anglais comme un projet de la “Journée du Hangeul”.
Junhyun introduces “Football in Korea” in English as well as in Korean, as a “Hangeul Day” project.