School life

The service of School Life is composed of the Senior Education Advisor, Mr. DELABROSSE, and five full-time or part-time supervisors.
School life takes care of students outside class time. Its main mission is to ensure that each student follows his schooling in the best conditions, with respect for people, property and rules of life in community.

The Office of School Life is a place to welcome and listen to students at any time of the day: school or personal problems, research information on the daily organization of the middle school and the high school.
The Senior Education Advisor ensures the individual follow-up of students: interview with students and families about their behavior in the middle school and the high school, listening role in close collaboration with the school nurse and the principal teachers. He regularly informs families of any problems regarding the schooling of their children. It also provides collective student monitoring, for example, by supervising the management of student flows during class time or in the organization of student delegate meetings.
Supervisors oversee students mainly during studying hours, during breaks and at intercourses. They have an educational role for students: respect for the rules of procedure, advice in the organization, help homework. They are attentive to the various problems that students may encounter. They also manage absences and delays.

We advise you to consult regularly your children’s correspondence book and pronote using the login credentials that are communicated to families at the beginning of the school year. You’ll find student schedules, grades, homework, absences and delays as well as regularly updated information.

Please also carefully consult the “Internal Regulations” (Règlement intérieur) box on the side for all organizational rules and regulations of the school.

The Office of School Life can be reached at the email address and by telephone at 02 535 1258.

Parents are required to inform the school in the event of lateness / absence of their child:

  1. By immediately notifying the Dean of Students (CPE) by e-mail: or by phone at 02 535 1258 (indicating the name and class of the child, reason for lateness or absence , expected return date and the identity of the contacting person).
  2. By using the lateness/absence coupons in the school correspondence booklet of the child, and by attaching the appropriate explanatory documents upon the child’s return to school.

Mr. DELABROSSE, CPE (Dean of Students), is available to meet with you by appointment.

CVL, the Council of Delegates for High School Life:

In each high school, the Council of Delegates for School Life (CVL) discusses all the concrete questions relating to school work and the living conditions of students in the school.
The Council of Delegates for School Life is mainly composed of students elected for two years by all students of the school and renewed by half every year.
It is also composed of teachers or education staff, administrative, social, health and technical staff, workers, service staff and parents of students.
The Principal presides over this body. At the French School of Seoul, the CVL works for high school students but also middle school students.
The Council of Delegates for School Life (CVL) must be consulted on a number of issues relating to the life of the establishment.

The France Seorae project

The France Seorae project of the LFS School Board aims to make the French Quarter a place where French culture shines a little more. Seorae Maeul is more French today by the people who live there than by the cultural activity: as a courtesy to our host country, we can share what we are by raising the profile of French culture and not limit ourselves to be consumers in the place where we live. The Korean culture is rich, we enjoy it by living here, and we know Koreans are curious about foreign cultures: it is up to us to offer Koreans who are seeking to discover French culture a little better. LFS students are in a favorable position to make it accessible.

The Maison des lycéens

The Maison des lycéens (MDL) of French School of Seoul is a tool for students, high school students and middle school students. It helps develop the cultural life of school and gives high school students the opportunity to engage in projects, learn their autonomy and take on important responsibilities.
It is an association that gathers students wishing to engage in civic action and take responsibility within the establishment in the cultural, artistic, sports and humanitarian fields.