Cérémonie d’inauguration

The French School of Seoul (Lycée Français de Séoul, LFS) held its inauguration ceremony at the LFS campus at Seoul on Friday, April 19.

Around 500 students, parents, personnel, partners and officials, including the French Ambassador and representatives of Seocho-gu office, participated in this inauguration ceremony. There were many LFS sponsors present as well to congratulate the school, such as Hanwha-Total, LFS principal benefactor, and the Renault Group, LFS benefactors.

Dance performance: WA Company

The first part of the ceremony was friendly time with parents and children, including guided visits of the new campus, and a dance performance by the local WA Company.

Children helped themselves to snacks and drinks while enjoying the new school with their families. Student participation was also active, with the CVL and MDL students selling hand-crafted eco bags and other products while class of CE2 (3rd graders) promoted self-made newspapers of the school.

The second part opened with the choral medley by LFS middle school students, followed by celebratory remarks. Korean tradition was duly incorporated into the

ceremony, with the Art Company Cantapia finishing their congratulatory opera performance with the song “Arirang(아리랑),” and cake-cutting with the Korean ‘ddoek(떡)’.

Mr. de Castelbajac, president of Parents’ Association, explained the history behind the inauguration and thanked the stakeholders accordingly. LFS has thus

Duo de choc: Mr. Hirm-Martin and Mr. de Castelbajac, with the Korean ‘ddoek’(떡)

improved existing conditions and can now accommodate more students by not only constructing the new building but also redesigning the entire school. He th

en revealed the new school logo. Mr. Hirm-Martin, headmaster, continued the promising sentiment, that LFS will offer new “technology and digital equipment” but also new introductory programs to help students with their French, as well as freshly launching the ‘American International Section.’ He finished with a harmonious message of “continued growth together” (“grandir ensemble”). Finally, HE Mr. Panone, Ambassador of France, characterized LFS as the “central element in the Franco-Korean relationship” that represented the agreement between the presidents of both countries in 2018 October to “strengthen the educational and linguistic cooperation.”


Maître de cérémonie, Hannah Keum and Paul Boulanger, high school students and superb hosts

LFS, offering education from kindergarten to high school, the only French school certified by the Ministry of National Education of France and the official establishment approved by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), has been in Seorae-maeul since 1981. It currently hosts around 430 students of French, Korean and other nationalities. The new capacity will accommodate up to 650 students.

This ceremony celebrates the evolution of LFS after a period of renovating and expanding the school premises. LFS is now ready to address the growing demand, and welcome new students who are interested in studying French education in an international, modern, yet caring environment, and mastering multiple languages. One of the new initiatives that will soon open is the new curriculum titled “American International Section,” with a bilingual and bicultural focus in English. It will start with middle school students in 2019, and open for high school students by 2020.

Questions: secretariat@lfseoul.org

Nouveau Logo

Le logo reprend le taijitu du drapeau coréen (le ying-yang). Le mouvement rappelle l’apprentissage en continu que permet l’école, la souplesse et l’adaptabilité. Le code couleur est français et coréen. Le LFS se lit à la verticale.